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August 18, 2014"Unpack your Backpack" Night and Meet Your Teacher
June 16 - July 31Third Grade Summer Reading Camp
Quick Links

Check Grades Anytime - FOCUS

Parents and students may check grades using the new program called FOCUS. In order to obtain login information, you must contact the Information Technology Department at 647-4100.  Click below to be directed to the FOCUS website for Suwannee District Schools.More

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We are happy to offer the PIRC, Parent Information and Resource Center, as support for parents. Please click the link below to find ideas on being better involved with your child's education.
Parent Information and Resource Center
Visit this link for extra parent support.

Library Books - Destiny Quest

This is a link to the Destiny Quest site for Suwannee Elementary School's Library books.  Please feel free to look up books and decide what you would like to check out next.More

From Mrs. Moseley and Ms. McManaway

Suwannee County Bullying Reporting System

Bullying will not be tolerated in Suwannee County Schools.More

...a student is more likely to succeed when she/he is in school ALL DAY?

Please try your hardest to have your child in school by 8:00 a.m. when we begin our day.

Tardies and early checkouts work against the routine for your child's learning day.

APT Bulletin Board

APT is the Association of Parents and Teachers.  President, James Robinson, would like to welcome you to the Association meeting after school begins.  Please plan to join us as we meet and nominate a Vice President and a Secretary for the upcoming school year.

Parent Resources

If we can help you with any learning resources, please contact our front office for assistance in the Parent Resource Room.  Often times there are websites and community services we can share if you are interested.  

Our parent liaison is Mrs. Joyce Warren, who we are delighted to have as part of our team.  You may contact her at 647-4624.
Suwannee Elementary School in Live Oak, Florida

Summer Reading Camp June 16 - July 31

Come for "Unpack your Backpack" Night AND Meet your Teacher on Monday, August 18th from 4:30 - 6:00 pm.  

There is a supply list below to pack your backpack before you arrive that night if you like.

School Begins TUESDAY, AUGUST 19, 2014

Suwannee Elementary School
2nd AND 3rd Grade

Notebook Paper (Wide Ruled)
#2 plain wooden pencils
pink eraser
cap erasers
colored pencils and/or markers
spiral one subject notebook
pocket folders with prongs
glue sticks
white one inch 3-ring binder

hand sanitizer/ large bottle
Ziplock bags
flash drive - (2 or 4 GB)
dry erase markers 

Teacher of the Year and School Related Employee of the Year
Tanya Crain, Third Grade Paraprofessional
Joyce McIntosh, Third Grade Teacher
Melissa Moseley, Principal
Tanya Crain, Third Grade Paraprofessional
Dee Dee McManaway, Assistant Principal
Dee Dee McManaway, Assistant Principal
Joyce McIntosh, Third Grade Teacher
Melissa Moseley, Principal
Dee Dee McManaway, Assistant Principal
Joyce McIntosh, Third Grade Teacher
Melissa Moseley, Principal
Dee Dee McManaway, Assistant Principal
Joyce McIntosh, Third Grade Teacher
Melissa Moseley, Principal
Melissa Moseley, Principal
Tanya Crain, Third Grade Paraprofessional
Dee Dee McManaway, Assistant Principal
P.A. L. Summer Program
Title I/ P.A.L. Summer Tutorial/Recreational Program

Beginning June 16, 2014 until July 31, 2014
Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Ages 6-12
(Limited to 60 Participants)
Cost :$10.00 P.A.L Registration fee plus activities expenses

Application may be picked up at the Douglass Center/Gary L. Edwards Gym from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm from June 9th - 12th.
Deadline to return application is JUNE 13, 2014.
If interested call 386.466.5138 or 386.208.1494

The information below is specific to Suwannee Elementary School as per the last completed SPAR report which was the end of the 2012-2013.

SPAR Report to Parents in English 

SPAR Report to Parents in Spanish

Suwannee Elementary School Vision and Beliefs
Suwannee Elementary School Vision Statement
The Suwannee Elementary School realizes that all children can achieve their full potential to become productive citizens when taught in a safe environment that provides high educational standards, nurtures every child, develops self worth, and provides the necessary skills for a successful life.

Suwannee Elementary School Mission Statement
The family at Suwannee Elementary School collaborates for academic and social excellence creating lifelong learners throughout our building.  We promote life skills to respect ourselves and others in a safe and loving environment.

In our quest to reach this mission, we believe:
1.  Children are our future.
2.  All children can learn and achieve success in their own unique way.
3.  Education is a cooperative effort among parents, students, community, and educators.
4.  Parent participation is both vital and valued in the total educational process.
5.  All decisions are based upon what is best for all students.
6.  Communication and responsible choices are essential to our success.

Suwannee Elementary School Pledge
As a member of the Suwannee Elementary School family, I will be present and on time all day EVERY DAY.  I will be safe and responsible.  I will be courteous and respectful.  I will be prepared, and I will take pride in myself and my school.